Day 2

here's proof i was actually at the festival (that's my picture... 3rd from the left, second row down...)

i missed "rest in peace" because i was dead to the world today. but here's a poster.  



there was a get together early in the evening, put on by the ecumenical council of leipzig.  here is a picture of peter wintonick, perhaps praying, with ilo and maximillian, from the film festival. they told me that the berlin wall really began to fall in leipzig. this is were the first protests were. the official day of celebrating is oct. 3 1990, which is when the politicians signed the reunification of the two germanys.  but the day that is etched in the minds and emotions of the german people is the october 9th 1989, when 8,000 people crowded inside the 800 yr old nikolaikirche (across the street from my hotel) and another 80,000+ in the street staged a peaceful protest.  they had been meeting inside the church for a decade, but on october 9th it spilled out into the streets.  the wall came down a month later.



and here's rudy butignol, who used to run tvo and know heads up knowledge and is better at dealing with jet lag than me!  he's involved with this week-long documentary workshop.  there is another one, crossing borders, started this year, which is reaching out to countries like china.  i met a producer from china.  he is looking for feature length docs for television, but he is thinking more "march of the penguins".  i think his eyeballs are going to be blown away by what's in this festival.



today i had two screenings if "i was a child of holocaust survivors".  the first in the first program of the official animation competition, "kein kinderspiel", which dealt with domestic violence, divorce, bullying, death and text messaging.  there were some great films there.  the second program was animated documentaries, with a very personal view on larger political issues.  we walked through families separated in kosovo, palestinian occupation, civil war in lebanon and andrea dorfman's "flawed", about her mental body dysmorphia (i love that film...).  they both were shown at the astoria.



there was a poster of bernice eisenstein's book in the hallway....



the houses were okay, but i was competing with sex.



there was a 4 hour program on who makes better films, men or women, by signe baumane, who is an new york indie animator whose work deals with the s word.  okay, that's it for today.

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